MUSIC and SOUND are part of the Harvest service range as well.

In the perfectly equipped and handcrafted
rustic-wood-panelled sound studio you‘ll find experienced sound designers passionately working on the perfect sound. Whether it is voice recording, music recording, radio commercials, sound design or composition, we offer everything in one location and within a log‘s throw of editing, compositing, grading and 3D.

Convenient, isn‘t it?

At Harvest we present the perfect location for professional voiceover recordings. Thanks to the ideal technical surrounding, voice and sound recording are made easy – only a blink of an eye away from your customer.

We deliver broadcast
ready mixes for
advertising and films.

We offer perfectly equipped studios and speaker cabins, as well as state-of-the-art recording and transmission technologies like:

// SessionLinkPro
// Mayah SIP (all common codecs)
// LTC / MTC Time Code
// Business internet line with 100MBit Up/Down
// Server-based workflow
// VDA and Tisax certified

The play-out of each take will be available directly after each session. So your voice recording can be aligned, adjusted and fine-tuned right away – no matter where you are.

Centrally located, easily reachable, and embedded into the historic panorama of the Speicherstadt, we serve the world’s best coffee, and beyond that will do our best to make you feel comfortable.

Studio Floor 6

Studio Floor 2