Two-Headed Dreams


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Two-Headed Dreams is the most recent show in Interactive Live Streaming from lili Studios, Los Angeles.
Featuring some of the best magicians in the world, it is another radical demonstration of why Interactive Live Streaming is the most powerful channel to connect creators and their audiences.

This virtual extravaganza is one of many projects across select categories the studio is working on – constantly developing interactions and functionalities that are more human and purely creator lead. lili Studios is driven by the ambition to make Interactive Live Streaming smarter, more relevant and definitely a more beautiful experience.

lili’s creative team partners with Harvest Digital Agriculture because they create truly beautiful things.

PRODUCTION /// lili Studios, Los Angeles
CONCEPT /// Maik Kaehler, BC Smith
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER /// Julien Lemaitre, Kevin Hinds PRODUCER /// Dan Kae
DIRECTOR /// Maik Kaehler
DOP /// Michael Merriman
MUSIC /// BC Smith
lili STUDIOS /// Heather Fullerton, Maik Kaehler, Erik Horine, Nicola Green, Tim Osthoff
CREATIVE DIRECTION /// Maik Kaehler, BC Smith DESIGN /// Gabriela Shigihara, Marcus Kubicke
TEXT /// Caro Soto Samaniego
POST PRODUCTION /// Harvest Digital Agriculture