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Dear friends,

the past days turned the life of many upside down. Kindergardens and schools are closing their doors for at least one month. People are requested to avoid direct contact. Countries do limit entries and exits on their borders. And the measurements add up on a daily base.

Dealing with this situation is new to all of us and we are doing our best to navigate the challenges we are facing.

Luckily technology is immune to human viruses and we at Harvest can proceed working even though we are no longer bound to our offices.

No matter if you yourselves are safely at home or at your own office, we can connect via remote systems: e.g. meet via video chats, mirror our screens to you or link a video stream.
Harvest will find a solution to cater to your project needs.

It’s 2020 – let’s connect remote!

Though in case security guidelines will trump remote solutions, we will all need to sit still and wait for the upcoming developments in this crisis as we cannot invite anyone into our Harvest environment. This is due to the safety of the Harvest team and to limit any possibility of spreading the risks.

We hope that our clients around the world, who are bound to inevitable security protocols do agree to postpone milestones and deadlines where possible, rather than to cancel these projects.
Our post producing department will reach out to you shortly to work on new schedules.

Thank you to everyone around the world for their friendship and support.

Take care of one another.
Florian, Nicola and the Harvest Team