Image Editing

The Harvest image refining team is specialized in 2D and 3D artistry. With the vision to cater to each client’s individual needs, we support short ways, quick responses and efficient solutions.

Head of our high-end Image Editing Division is the well-known digital artist Nicola Cafantaris (né Nicola Krämer), who looks back on a longstanding international shooting-career as a retoucher. Whether automobile, fashion & beauty or lifestyle: With retouching, composing, CGI development and 3D animation we give every image a distinctive and unique look. 

Harvest is proud to have already worked for of a wide range of highly ambitious companies such as Audi, BMW, KIA, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, Škoda and Volkswagen.
We also worked with non-automotive brands such as Panasonic, HEAD, Lipton, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, Vorwerk – just to name a few in all their diversity.

Whether it‘s about the development of a look and feel for your idea or the realization of an existing concept –we always work with the same tender love and care. We pay close attention to even the smallest detail – and of course everything is always 100% handmade.

Simply 100% Harvest!


Look & Feel

There is no image or image series without an all-embracing look which puts the pieces together. Subtle but present to support the idea of each picture.
To deliver the perfect composition is not only to understand the software program, but to support the client with our craft skills and trained experience.


Computer generated images and computer generated elements enhance the possibilities of visualization. From data prep, modelling, texturing, light setting support to even animation – our 3D Visualization Unit knows what to do.


We are flexible! Thanks to cutting edge technology in flightcases we can take care of your shooting both on location and in the studio. Tested successfully all around the world from Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver and Hawaii to Madrid, Barcelona, Montpellier, Slovenia and Dubai.