About Harvest

As versatile craftsmen and in times of integrated communication, what could be more natural than offering editing services for moving images and non-moving images under the one roof?
This is why we are set up for post production in film and photography and provide two in-house sound studios as well.
We offer compositing, grading, editing, sound design, music composition, voice-over recording, retouching, composing, development for look & feel, cgi execution including character modelling & modelling in general, texturing, animation, lighting and last not least on-set support for VFX, 3D visualization, retouching and digital operating in general.

Our well-proven skills in these fields give each client the freedom to either choose single services out of our broad range or to realize comprehensive projects with just one team.

At Harvest we always aim for the most efficient and most customer-friendly solution.
No more handling of several suppliers.
No more communication leaks.
No more double costing for one task.

Harvest offers a convenient environment to focus on the product and push for the best result.

No chance to be in Hamburg?

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology we are able to provide remote approval tools, which allow clients to be all around the globe while being connected to the online approval sessions for grading, sound, edit or retouching. Secure & in no time.

To transfer the workflow convenience into the costing structures, we keep our pricing transparent and harness synergies all through the Harvest departments pro-actively.
Different clients have different needs. That is why we offer optimized price lists for our main client accounts.

Let us cater to your individual requirements – creatively & financially.