Color grading at Harvest means an unusually creative quality of film with a hitherto unknown visual language and brilliance of color. Harvest works with the best colorists in the world, including award winner of BAFTAs, Oscars, the Creative Circle and Cannes Lions. It goes without saying that we also encourage local grading artists and up-and-coming talent to take their chances and develop new looks for Harvest projects.


Harvest is always equipped with the latest post production standards. This is where visual effects are born, inspired by creative excellence.


Harvest brings to life both the pictures in your head and the original model – even larger than life, if you like. Our 2D and motion graphic artists start by researching, then create style frames, animate step by step and complete by giving the product a finely tuned finish. And it’s this finish that sets the artists apart from the rest of the creative scene – such loving attention to detail you’ll only find in the people who work for Harvest.


The DataLab at Harvest is the ideal processing tool for your data – whether it is Canon, RED, Arri or Phantom. Color grading, online or
VFX – everything is made easier,
more transparent, with fewer errors and above all – faster.

Above and beyond this, Harvest offers its clients a special service: the On-Set Data Wrangler. This provides you an expert, who can help with setting up digital cameras and easily check that the data has been stored correctly onto the right data medium. This being crucial for HD, 2k, 4k or 6k footage productions where speed is of the essence.

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